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#1 2021-01-19 21:58:06


Configure Speed Typing bug?

I am new to SqlDbx, first time install today. Version 6.12 (Personal Edition)
I am moving from Atlantis SQL Everywhere, which I have used since 2010.
Atlantis SQL Everywhere has been a great production booster, but it is a dead product and does not support the newer versions of SQL Server.

I have been looking everywhere for a tool that could replace it, SqlDbx looks very promising!!

FYI: While in Configure Speed Typing, I added a few items then attempted to save when an error occurred.
I did not capture the actual error message, but it was claiming the file path did not exist.
I investigated the path: C:Users%userprofile%AppDataLocalSqlDbx, in this path was a folder named: SpeedType.xml, not a file.
I deleted the folder named SpeedType.xml, then went back to Configure Speed Typing and clicked save, all is well now.
The file path: C:Users%userprofile%AppDataLocalSqlDbx, now contains a file named: SpeedType.xml

Thank You!


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